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First post: rankett.net

An Introduction

This is William (AP @fiskfan1999@nixnet.social). I’m an organist, composer, accompanist, improviser, and someone who likes to upload their recordings on the internet for others to listen to if they wish.

And I am also a computer programmer and double-degree student in Organ Performance and Computer Science. One of my biggest interests is FOSS web applications and mainstream platform clones. I love platforms such as micro-bloggers like Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, or Frendica, others like Pixelfed, and Peertube, a Youtube clone.

Over the last year I started uploading videos on Peertube, and nowadays I publish a video on Peertube about a week before on Youtube. However, I had trouble finding an “instance” (server running a copy of Peertube run by some other individual) which had a focus which included music videos. Therefore, I had an idea to host an instance myself with this exact focus.


This service will be open to all musicians (and other creative artists) who would like to upload their content on a video-sharing platform similar to youtube. Registration will be open at some point in the future. Please be sure to view the terms and rules before registering an account.


We are also hosting an IRC server (running the Ergo ircd) at this URL listening at ports 6667 and 6697.